est. 2016

The 1854 Cycling Company

The 1854 Cycling Company is an American manufacturer of electric vehicles established to provide meaningful work and a livable wage to the formerly incarcerated


Our First Bicycle


The 2016 Garrison is the bicycle that came to define the level of quality and craftsmanship to be expected of 1854 as a brand.

Our Best Selling Bicycle

CRAFT "Racer"

Every company needs a product that launches it into the stratosphere, for us it was the Craft "Racer"

The Best Seller

"Abolitionist" Hoodie

2018 was a record breaking year for sales of our classic 'abolitionist' hooded sweatshirt as we began shipping it all over the world...

Our First Electric cargo bike

Truth "electric"

The Truth Electric was a huge hit for us but..... we ran out of parts.

The Greatest Abolitionist of All Time


What was Harriett Tubman doing in 1854? On Christmas Eve 1854, Harriet Tubman returned to her Maryland home to free her brothers Ben & Henry. They arrived in Philadelphia on Dec. 29, 1854.

Our first Electric Mountain Bike

Thoreau FS & HT

Pricing and Specs coming soon.

Arriving Summer 2021


"Who would have thought that the most technologically advanced Ebike in the world is being built by a small "black-owned" company out of Massachusetts?"