Slavery can only be abolished by raising the character of the people who compose the nation; and that can be done only by showing them a higher one.

Maria Weston Chapmanabolitionist, feminist

a reimagined future.

Just like the people who inspired us, our vehicles have reimagined a better future. 1854’s unconventional designs seamlessly blend the old with the new, perfectly mixing comfort, style and performance. The ride is smooth, even on your most challenging pathways, with powerful electric motors to push you further and the connectivity to engage wherever you choose to go.

Henry Ingersoll Bowditch.

Bowditch's abolitionist efforts led to a massive petitioning of the Massachusetts General Court that resulted in legislation forbidding the use of state and municipal jails from detaining fugitive slaves, a blow to slave-hunters.

the vehicle for change.

Our electric police vehicle, The Bowditch, is equipped with a touchscreen console, visual dispatch, geo-tracking and route-mapping, and a mounted identification scanner that makes it easy to interact with the communities they serve.

many will start fast, few will finish strong.

Our electric motors are some of the most powerful available in class. They will help you push further and finish stronger.

there’s no community without communication.

Empathy comes from strong communication, which is the glue that binds any community. It’s all of our responsibility to educate, communicate and share our respective views and to listen to others. And, when the community fails an individual, we all need to own it.

We can move together further than we can alone and it’s going to take the entire community to make the meaningful changes we desire.