The 1854 Cycling Company, was founded in 2016 to end generational poverty and recidivism by creating living wage employment for the formerly incarcerated, particularly women.


      On July 4th, 1854, the Anti-Slavery Society met to protest the hypocrisy of celebrating America’s independence while simultaneously participating in the practice of re-enslavement based on the newly enforced Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. Noted Ministers and politicians of the era joined abolitionists such as Sojourner Truth, Wendell Pierce, and Henry David Thoreau to raise their voices against the immorality of chattel slavery. Then, as his speech was ending, abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison took out a copy of the United States Constitution and burned it to ash. Many historians believed that this single act both galvanized the abolitionist movement and set the stage for the civil war. 

         In the same way that the abolitionists of yesteryear ended cycles of re-enslavement, we stand to end the cycle of re-incarceration. 

          Established in 2016, by noted author and anti-poverty advocate Brandale D. Randolph, the 1854 Cycling Company is a premium bicycle, ebike, and apparel company founded to create employment for the formerly incarcerated. We believe that by creating a company that provides a sustainable, safe, and nurturing place of employment that pays a local living wage to every employee, we can change our world. By training and employing the formerly incarcerated to build, service, and soon program our bicycles, we hope that we can help them break the cycles of both poverty and recidivism.

       The 1854 Cycling Company has become more than just a premium bicycle and apparel brand, we have become a symbol of movement to end generational poverty among formerly incarcerated people. To date, we have sold bicycles and apparel across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Germany, and Sweden.



Photography courtesy of Rhys Logan.

“Randolph has a story almost as compelling as the historical figures the company is based on. Raised in South Central Los Angeles, he was plucked by the A Better Chance program for inner-city kids and placed in the prestigious Thacher School in the quiet town of Ojai, Calif. After graduating from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, he flung himself into the brokerage world. He worked his way up to handling gold and oil commodities at a major hedge fund, but he says the company went bust in the Bernie Madoff scandal.”

_ “The Bicycle Maker That’s Creating Good Jobs for Ex-Cons.” Bloomberg Magazine, ‎October‎ ‎11‎, ‎2017‎ ‎

     Brandale’s work with disadvantaged populations earned him a TEDtalk at the inaugural TEDxTexasTechUniversity in 2013 titled "Stop Throwing Breakfast Sandwiches at the Poor." He has authored two books related to poverty "Me & My Broke Neighbor: The 7 Things I Learned About Success Just by Living Next to Him..." and "Like Cavemen & Quail: Poverty Beyond Income and Mindset" both now available on Amazon and other book retailers all over the world. He has given more than two dozen guest lectures on Social Entrepreneurship and Poverty Alleviation at Universities and Colleges such as Babson College, Texas Tech University's Rawls College of Business, Harvard University, Howard University, Rutgers University, Lubbock Christian University and more.

He now lives in Framingham, MA with his wife and two sons.

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