a reimagined future.

1854 is building a culture of abolitionists. Since 2016, we have been working to abolish recidivism by creating living wage jobs for formerly incarcerated women. We combine innovative technology and imaginative style to create amazing bicycle systems for our customers and community. When you buy, own, or use 1854 products you become a part of the culture of abolitionists, aligning yourself to this purpose and peoplehood of a connected future.

We are currently redesigning our bicycles and business to further our work as abolitionists. Please feel free to reach out and check back in as we relaunch our brand over the Summer and Fall.

vehicles for change.

On July 4th, 1854 in Framingham, MA, a group of activists led by Sojourner Truth, Henry David Throeau, and William Lloyd Garrison protested the Fugitive Slave Act. They marched against the hypocrisy of celebrating our independence while slavery continued to exist and formerly ensalved Blacks lived in fear of returning to slavery.

Today, people who are formerly incarcerated experience a similar fear due to high rates of recidivism. The abolitionists we need today are people who are willing to stand in the way of their reincarceration, people who will provide them meaningful labor and livable wages so they can support themselves and their families. We take our name, 1854, from this abolition rally to remind us of the future we must continue to work for.