"Want this $10,000 bike? Get a badge" Boston Globe

If Robocop were assigned to bicycle patrol, this is what he would ride.

It’s called the Thoreau Tactical System. Built by 1854 Cycling Co., of Framingham, it’s a police data center on two wheels: a flat-panel touchscreen over the handlebars that displays maps or photos of a fugitive; integrated radios that feed voice communications directly to the officer’s helmet; body sensors that relay vital stats such as pulse and respiration.

An electric motor can carry an officer farther and faster than muscle power alone, and an infrared system locks the bike unless the officer is nearby.

The system sells for a whopping $10,000, but 1854 Cycling’s founder, Brandale Randolph, has a powerful ally to help his startup target police departments in the United States and around the world: Cambridge-based Draper, the electronics and defense institute best known for writing the software that guided the Apollo astronauts to the moon."